Blog Progression

In the span of four quick months, my abilities as a writer have skyrocketed. I say abilities because I believe I am able to do so much more with my writing now. I have the potential to connect with a community and make a difference.

At the beginning of my blog, I felt limited and almost restricted with my writing. Granted, this was my first blog effort and I might’ve just been uncomfortable with the guidelines, who knows. As time went on, I began gaining followers and receiving feedback. This is when I found my voice and my inspiration.

The mental health community is like no other because they are the most supportive and genuine people. Interacting with and listening to such an active and powerful community is truly satisfying. Through the use of hashtags and commenting on people’s post’s, I was able to gain followers and build an active online community. When you have a readership of talkative and caring people, writing becomes fulfilling and it comes with ease. That being said, my purpose of writing and sense of audience will stay the same. I will continue to interact with a lively community and I will continue to passionately write for a cause!

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After mocking autistic airport employee, 50 cent pays up

I love the internet, I really do. If you mess up, the whole world will know in a few hours. Rapper “50 cent” has recently encountered this internet beast and is currently feeling its wrath.

Last week, a viral video showed 50 cent accusing an airport employee with autism to be “high on drugs”. Posted on his personal Instagram and twitter accounts, the rapper is seen harassing and making fun of a janitor at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. Little did 50 cent know, this teen struggles with autism and social anxiety.

Parents of 19-year old Andrew Farrell were outraged and began reaching out to local news outlets. After the video went viral, hundreds of users tweeted at 50 and demanded he come out with an apology. Also, Andrew’s Parents asked that the rapper donates $10,000 to Autism Speaks out of good faith.

Less than a week after this video was released, 50 cent issued a public apology. Not sure if he had a meeting with his PR professional, but 50 also wrote a check out to Autism Speaks for $100,000, 10 times the amount that was originally asked. Sure the donation was generous, but 50 cent has an alleged net worth of $15 million. This was a measly donation that got the rapper off the hook.

I hope this incident will make people aware of the dangers of making fun of people with mental disabilities. Whether you know it or not, someone can be fighting a battle. Disabilities are not always visible!

Autism Speaks released a well-written statement on their Facebook page after the situation was addressed-


“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle”

Reverse The Stigma

“Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all”- Bill Clinton

TalkSpace is a group of innovative and caring therapists who are influencing a “stigma-free” mental health movement. On their website, they provide a blog for users to talk freely and ask certified therapists’ any questions they want. By doing this, they are modernizing the way healthcare and mental health is used and studied. Since mental illness is often stigmatized, the method of having compassionate therapists talk freely and openly with users makes it easier and less shameful for people to get help help.

TalkSpace has a goal of exchanging different ideas about mental health while eliminating the stigma attached to it. They encourage any caring and compassionate person to engage, assist, and contribute to their journey. If you seem like you fit the position or it interests you, I suggest you check them out!


Coors Light takes new marketing strategy

With Superbowl 50 less than two weeks away, beer companies are looking for new tactics they can use in their ads to target their consumer audience. Since one 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl costs $5 million dollars, companies need to present their product and company as best as possible. What a perfect chance for a beer company to come out with a witty and memorable commercial.

For years, beer advertisements have been criticized for objectifying women and merely targeting the male audience who drink it by the case. Just recently, Coors Light launched the “Climb On” Campaign. With advertisements including scenes of women scaling large walls, running races, and white water rafting, Coors light ignored the idealogical “fraternity” young male audience, and expanded it to women. By empowering the consumer female audience, they expand their customer base. In fact, Chief Marketing Officer David Kroll found that “women consume 17 billion gallons of beer yearly, making up for a quarter of the industry’s total volume”.

Typically, it is the young male population who drink beer. However, the percentage of women who bought craft beers and hard cider in 2015 increased by fifteen percent. Maybe this switch of a marketing strategy was planned according to the time of Superbowl 50, maybe not.

I believe Coors made a bold decision in targeting the women consumer audience. Considering how the majority of women typically dislike beer, it is odd why a beer company would target them. However, an attempt at expanding and pleasing your audience is never a bad business tactic.